CATS Challenge, let’s do this!

To control your mind first control your diet.

I believe the vast majority of our health and mental problems are diet related. In a single strawberry you buy at the supermarket there are 57 different chemicals and pesticides. And if the chemicals don’t get you, SUGAR will.

We are an obese nation. Caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and sugar all cause stress. Stress kills us and ages us prematurely.

At least once a year I recommend you do the 30 days no CATS. Just drink water or cold pressed juice and eat salad or vegetables, no meat. Try it, I promise it won’t hurt and will be a good detox. You’re not only detoxing your body but you will clear your mind because a lot of what you crave is emotional eating. And if you want to take it a step further I can recommend a couple of other programs to really detox you.

Are you ready Custodians??? There are four types of CATS challenges. Which one are you on?

  • CATS 14 Days
  • CATS 21 Days
  • CATS 28 Days
  • CATS Intensive 28 Days

John Fitzgerald

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