Step by Step – let’s do this!

I know what you’re thinking. Why start a challenge on a Monday?? There is a good reason for this. There is no better time to start new habits than a Monday!

While you might think it is hard as it is, to break from a glorious relaxing weekend and go into work for what seems initially like a long week; deep down it actually is the perfect time. It will distract you from everything else that may come your way.

Here is the best part: no matter what happens today you are already achieving something you can be proud of. You are creating new habits that will make you not only healthier but also wiser. You are in for a treat!

The CATS challenge team will be with you every step of the way, if you have questions, simply comment on here or email You are not alone so this means others in this challenge can also inspire you along the way. This is your opportunity to be the better you and change the way you go about your health today.

Aspire to new heights

Inspire others in your quest to a better you, and in the end,

Transpire as the new stronger, fitter and determined YOU

Are you ready to step in and be the example you aim to be? Are you ready to have fun and truly discover a new body and a new way of thinking. As you go through the process, it won’t be as easy for some of us, but let me tell you, the end is truly a reward you want to stay on for.

Let’s do this!

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