Getting Started!

It is the starting that stops most people.

Sometimes you just see what needs to be achieved but you just can’t think of the journey, or you see it and you’re thinking “there is no way I can reach that”. It’s all a bit too hard. Here is a fact: we are all different, and we all approach situations differently. Some panic and freeze, some jump in and fall half way through – sometimes earlier – some of us are determined and focused, but they forget to enjoy life while they do so. Look, no-one is perfect, but everyone can achieve what they set themselves to. They just have to do it their way.

What does this mean? You have set your goals: Cleaning your body and ultimately taking your mind off bad habits. How will you reach your goals in the amount of days you have signed up for? Try and change the way you see things and look at it from another angle.

Let’s break it down.

  • Stop drinking coffee: Let’s focus on the habit, not the beverage. This could very well be your favourite time of the day; let’s not change that habit – why not simply change the drink? Have you thought of trying a cup of tea, green tea, perhaps a cup of boiling water with lemon and honey in it… or why not try one of those new drinks that boost your metabolism such as Turmeric Tea? You can still relax while sipping on a nice cuppa. Only difference is what is IN the cuppa. If either of the above isn’t going to cut it, then get inspired with this blog, who knows, you might just find the substitute you need.
  • Stop Alcohol: Let’s see how to change the perception of drinking alcohol. The idea is to unwind for the day, relax putting your feet up or cooking dinner with a nice glass of… delicious fresh fruit juice, or perhaps soda water with a zest of orange (feels like another bubbly alcoholic drink). Even better! Have you tried this supercharged probiotics miracle drink called Kombucha? The ancient Chinese called it “the immortal health elixir”. That’s enough for me. It even feels like alcohol because it is a fermented drink so you get a bit of a kick! Good for you gut – good for your mind. Try it, but unlike some advice, don’t try to make it at home. There is quite a science about it and I wouldn’t try and make a fermented drink myself involving bacteria. Well, that’s just me.
  • Stop Tobacco: What can I say about smoking. I used to smoke two packs a day for about three years and then quit cold turkey one day because I hated what I had become (especially picturing myself in the morning with my first cigarette and a cup of black coffee. Yuck!). You WILL need to compensate, for some, it is just mimicking the smoking habit, for others it is doing something else, like having a hot cup of… well tea or similar, or even do deep-breathing exercise or simply go for a quick walk (down the stairs if you have to – just to take your mind off it). Here is a little inspiration
  • Stop Sugar: that is possibly the easiest – I know this sounds crazy – especially coming from a sweet tooth like me, but it is. Stevia, rice malt syrup, honey, maple syrup, fruits, there are so many great ways to forget about sugar, I know, I am the living proof. French born, I was raised on Sugar and bread, believe me YOU can do this!

Look, this is only the start, all you have to do now is to ignore the symptoms, that is your mind playing with you. Distract your mind with other things that are good for you and create your new habits as a result. You might just not even realise it!

Chat tomorrow… You’re doing great!

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  1. Henry Harrop says:

    On my 22nd day and flying. Keeping the focus with 23 days to go. We can all do this. Rough patch is over. The rest is one foot in front of the other. You too can do it. Stay with us.

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    1. mariecustodian says:

      Well done Henry. Well you must have started early. Very inspiring hearing from you. If you do have tips on how to stay on track, please share. 🙂


  2. Henry says:

    My biggest challenge was the lust for sugar. So I had to change my weakness for biscuits and cakes to fresh nuts and fruit. I had heard that Walnuts and Almonds are two of the better nuts for us, so they along with dried banana and sultanas were introduced to my diet. Note that these are not packaged but bought fresh from the fruit shop.
    Also my water consumption increased immensely. This is supplemented now and again with pressed fruit juice.
    This is a great time of year for the CATS Challenge as there is a great variety of fruit available and I have been getting stuck into the nectarines, peaches, water melon and pineapples. With the pineapples, I allow them to ripen on the bench and when I can smell it walking past, then I’ll slice it up into long spears and refrigerate it. A wonderful cool and refreshing treat during summer.
    I have been also been having more and smaller meals during the day but this is now starting to be weaned down naturally.
    Headaches have eased somewhat, but water is the key here.
    Also as part of the detox, I have been hitting the gym. By raising my cardio-vascular exercise, I’m expelling toxins through the air and perspiration. Fortunately, my gym also has a steam room and spa for a reward after exercise.
    After rigorous exercise, I am no longer hungry.
    I hope this helps.


    1. Marie H. says:

      How inspiring!!! You are doing all the right things Henry. I agree with summer being th best time to undertake CATS. I just can’t get enough of the berries, rockmelons and peaches and nectarines. Will let you in on a secret though: when it comes to sweets, I found I cannot live without chocolate, so my solution here is to eat dark chocolate only and mix it in with nuts. this way Imake my own dark chocolate snacks. Bonus: put some chia seeds in the mix and before you know it, you have a natural healthy protein bar. 🙂 Keep going Henry, I am certain you have inspired many today – me included.


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