Got cravings? Good. Here’s some healthy treats!

Got cravings? Good – treat yourself!

First of all, you are doing so good, you are changing your habits, you are doing something about the “not-so-good” things in your life. Tap yourself on the back!

Now let’s face it, you are also human! Yes, you are. This means, cravings are going to get to you, especially around just after lunch, or 3:30, you know… Well, I have good news. You can succumb to your cravings by introducing new treats; treats you never thought you would be allowed to, before. Have you visited the i quit sugar website? I mean, where do I start… This is my new found bible.

Don’t get me wrong some of you will be trying to quit Coffee, Alcohol, Tobacco and Sugar but really, it doesn’t matter what you try quitting, you always resort to comfort to compensate. So, I QUIT SUGAR is the website I found the most appealing because it gets me focused on my favourite thing in the word – FOOD – without feeling guilty. But the best part is it makes me forget about the other bits that I am so obsessed with. It’s a good way to compensate but the right way! Try it.

All you need to remember is to eat the largest amount of fresh food. Nothing or barely anything preserved as it is usually high in sodium, sugar and many other numerical ingredients I cannot even read.  Fresh is the key. Your body will thank you for it.

Another thing: Do you know how much Sodium you should eat and what impact it has on your health? Do NOT miss tomorrow’s post. Here’s an example, Sanitarium has two types of Peanut butters: Crunchy and Smooth. That is what everyone knows. Now did you know that there are also two other jars sold by Sanitarium with 50 times the amount of Sodium in it? One has 8mg/100g of Sodium; the other one has 400mg/100g. Now I see you raising your eyebrows! My question to Sanitarium is WHY continue to produce the one with 400!!! The healthy version even tastes better. Why are we not educating Australians on what kills them and still selling food that does? Oops, I believed I just raised my voice.

Here is a picture. Go take a look at your nearest supermarket and I let you choose which one you wish to buy.sanitarium-peanut-butter-australia-2016

On another note, I found this really interesting article on what nutritionists themselves eat when they feel like a treat. Anything you fancy?

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