Eating Healthy on a budget – no excuses!

Too many people associate the concept of eating healthy with breaking the bank. I call this an excuse. When I see people buy takeaway and claim that buying some nice fresh produce is not something they can afford every week, it makes me scream. Being raised in a very modest family, I have always been very aware of the value of everything: clothes, toys, food, holidays, you name it. However no matter how hard some of the weeks were when growing up, food is something my mum never compromised on; I can never thank her enough for this. She built the foundation to not only make me eat and appreciate everything but also remember to eat my veggies and fruits and finish my plate at every meal!

Everyone should take great care of what food they consume and how they cook it, without going overboard. The way I see it, once again, it all comes down to education. Educate yourself on what is good for you you / your loved ones; of course it isn’t as easy as going to Mc Donald’s or ordering a pizza, but the way you treat yourself and your family today decides what your future will look like with regards to being healthy. Let’s face it, the world’s Developed population is going obese – what does that say about our food habits?

We’ve all seen those fresh fruit shops popping up everywhere and butchers wholesalers bringing the price of fresh produce affordable to all; all you need to do is choose enough greens, fruits and more importantly the ingredients that will bring the yummy taste to all the goodness. Health food does not have to taste like water or boiled tofu. I remember laughing to a friend of mine who started steaming all her veggies after going on a diet. Being Mediterranean, there is no way I could survive on this type of diet. And why should I. Taste is what makes everything exciting, I mean, people, you need herbs, spices, garlic, ginger, …. Healthy food CAN and WILL taste good if you do your homework.

If you struggle for recipes, let me know, but also check out the Mediterranean recipes here, it will give you some inspiration I hope. I will post my “no pasta” lasagna in the next couple of days – be ready to be amazed!
As for the “P”, make sure you switch processed carbs for nice wholegrain yummy produce: quinoa, wholegrain or rye bread, brown rice as opposed to white, etc…

What tips have you got to eat healthy on a budget? Please share – we are all on the same quest – or should be…

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