Are you a Caffeine addict?

We can always make fun of it but ask yourself: Are you a caffeine addict?

By now the side effects would start to wear off. You may have been used to your morning coffee and perhaps one at morning tea or after lunch when you feel really sleepy? If this is the case, then I guess, you need to compensate somehow: Lots of water of course, but also perhaps looking for other ways to keep your levels of energy up! And there are many…

Here is a little science behind Coffee detox. The caffeine informer tells us everything about the effects of Coffee on your metabolism, and the impact on your mental and physical health. Some believe it is poison but I wouldn’t go that far. What I know is that when you try and go without it for a while, the impact is quite strong; especially when you are used to having your latte, cappuccino, espresso every day.

It is a serious matter and yes it can be addictive. Keep strong, you are almost there.

You may be interested in an alternative to wake you up or give you a boost. I quit Sugar has a great list of 9 drinks that wake you up better than Coffee. Give it a go!

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