Got cravings? Fear not, here are some options.

Got cravings? Good – treat yourself!

First of all, you are doing so good, you are changing your habits, you are doing something about the “not-so-good” things in your life. Tap yourself on the back!

Now let’s face it, you are also human! This means, cravings are going to get to you, especially around just after lunch, or around the 3:30-itis, you know… Well, I have good news. You can succumb to your cravings by introducing new treats; treats you never thought you would be allowed to have while on a healthy diet…. When I first discovered the I quit sugar website, I was in awe of all the things I could eat without hurting my waist line. Sarah Wilson has since gone onto new ventures, but fear not as I have discovered many other resources with recipes that are sugar free and oh-so-yummy!

Don’t get me wrong, some of you are trying to stay away from Coffee, Alcohol, Tobacco and Sugar right now, but really, no matter the diet struggle you’re in, what you need is some comfort – forget the things you can’t have and start enjoying new things that don’t hurt you. Here are some really good resources to get your baking hat on and not feel any guilt!

  1. 33 Desserts you won’t believe are sugar free
  2. Sam Wood’s version of Sugar free recipes (yes he has taken over the IQUITSUGAR website)
  3. That banana bread recipe that is guilt-free! yes you’ve heard right!
    • Personally I use Flax seed oil + Flax seeds instead of olive oil. It’s full of omega, therefore serves two purposes.
    • I also use almond meal to replace the plain flour and up the protein intake by the same token. As a result I put 2tsp of bicarbonate as opposed to one.
    • PS: if you use big bananas, 3 will be more than enough.
  4. Here is another bread that won’t hurt you and fill you with goodness.

As for the rest of your diet, all you need to remember is to eat fresh as much as you can. Nothing or barely anything preserved as it is usually high in sodium, sugar and many other numerical ingredients I cannot even read. golden rule: if it’s a number it ain’t food.  Fresh and simple is the key. Your body will thank you for it.

Another point worth considering when it comes to your health: Do you know how much Sodium you should eat and what impact it has on your health? Do NOT miss my next post. Here’s an example, Sanitarium has two types of Peanut butters: Crunchy and Smooth. Now did you know that there are also two other jars sold by Sanitarium with 50 times the amount of Sodium in it? One has 1.9mg/100g of Sodium; the other one has around 400mg/100g. Now I see you raising your eyebrows! My question to Sanitarium is WHY continue to produce the one with 400mg!!! The healthy version even tastes better. Why are we not educating Australians on what hurts them and still selling food that do?

Next time you buy peanut butter (or anything at all), remember to check the Sodium content too. (per 100g). It will change the way you look at healthy products. More on that in an upcoming post. sanitarium-peanut-butter-australia-2016

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