Gimme some sugar

Withdrawal symptoms from quitting SUGAR are not fun but somehow we need to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I remember reading about this running coach who volunteered to quit Sugar for 30 days. Day 1 was a false start! sounds like me… but day 2 he started again and went on with the process.  I strongly recommend you read it, there are some great takeaways from his story. To summarise it, when you quit, you realise how much sugar you had before. You get more energy , increased focus and mental clarity. Your skin looks healthier. But more importantly you discover a new love for cooking (because you know what you need to avoid and therefore look for new HEALTHY flavours); and that means long term benefits to keep going.

Some believe sugar is the only taste humans are born craving. The reality is we don’t know how much sugar we eat every day. So much so that, no matter how much exercise we do, we still cannot seem to shake the weight away. Nutrition plays a huge part in losing weight to a healthy level. Here is something to remind ourselves: Sugar creates the demand for more sugar, which raises insulin levels. This signals the body to store fat. That is not good news. There are many alternatives to Sugar that will make the food taste sweet but will not hurt you as much.

  1. Stevia has been proven to be a great alternative as it doesn’t impact your insulin levels. I can see why it is very trendy at the moment.
  2. I personally use Rice Malt Syrup. You don’t need a lot and that means I can still make yummy nutritional treats that calms my cravings and provide me with the right nutritious ingredients. Here is an example of superfood extravaganza protein balls full of goodness. TRY IT!

Enjoy today for tomorrow will get you closer to your goal. Until next time.

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