Hydrate for detox, weight loss and clarity!

Yes, water is the cheapest, purest and most unappreciated resource in the world. Most children born in developed countries have no gratitude for what is the most beneficial source of minerals and refreshing drink you should have. They take it for granted.

Of course they do! There are so many alternatives all around us, why should I drink water? There are so many reasons that I want to focus on three:

  1. Hydrate – that means no headache, no dry skin and better gut health. Water can do most wonders to your body than any other remedies will. And it’s cheaper.
  2. Detox – Water will slide into your body and purify everything, get rid of the toxins build up from that three-thirty-itis snack you know you should have resisted, from that odd glass of wine you had on the weekend while socialising… you get the idea.
  3. Clarity – while a coffee may give an immediate boost and a feeling of “I can do this” at work when motivation is just not there, water will in fact give you more clarity, keep you alert and give you the relief you need. Think of it as goodness in a glass.
    Don’t forget that with all caffeinated drinks after the highs come to the lows.

Now if you want to drink water in a cost effective manner, you want to invest in a good filter. Choose between an alkaline filter fixed on your tap or one of those minerals fountains that removes all traces of chemicals (and disgusting taste) that the City would have put in the water to protect you from diseases.

Ironic how they protect us from disease with more chemicals, which in turn will harm your body. Ah! Indeed, those chemicals unfortunately do remove all the nutrients that water may have had for you initially. Solution: I have a Nikken fountain at home, I have had it for over a decade, it never let me down, never felt the bad taste you get out of the tap. Plus my hydration levels suddenly increased by 70%! True story.

How much water should you actually drink per day? There are many theories out there. It also depends on your body type, your lifestyle and so forth, but the rule for me is never drink less than 1.5 litres – plus whatever you drink during or after a workout on top of that. I just don’t feel the same if I drink under that amount. And no, I don’t spend the day at the ladies 🙂

Let’s get back to the challenge. You may have enough headaches symptoms as it is, for stopping habits such as sugar, alcohol or even tobacco; now more than ever you should drink a fair amount of water on a daily basis. It is just going to help you get through the “pain” and discomfort you may be experiencing. It WILL.

Keep going, you are doing great! How much water do you drink per day?


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