What’s in your food? We ask Ronaldo

Toxic Bodies

In the last few years working as a nutritionist and personal trainer I have watched closely what is happening with popular eating tendencies and the results that it is causing to our general population. It is clear now that millions of people around the world are suffering similar health challenges like obesity, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis and many other degenerative diseases because of lifestyle choices.
In less than one hundred years our basic diet has changed dramatically. We have gone from natural, fresh, organic, wholesome and unrefined food to packaged, processed, artificial replacements. Our food is now genetically modified, treated with toxic pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, colourings and many other chemicals. The industrialized way of living has given us more food but less nutrition. Most meals today are being made in factories, not in kitchens.

As a health and fitness professional I have seen many cases of disorders and diseases caused by diet. Most of my challenging clients have been the ones who had the poorest eating choices and didn’t have any idea about nutrition. The lack of information available about food is most often the main cause of the problem. After
starting a healthy eating plan combined with exercise most of my clients returned to their healthy weight and a better quality of life.

Food can have great preventive effects and can even heal us given the right conditions. However, in today’s world we have access to many types of foods and not all of them work in our favour to make us healthy.Some food contains ‘danger’ ingredients that are not even recognized as food inside our body, which may well be the cause of some diseases. For many years we have become accustomed to consuming food with many additional ingredients of which we are unaware of the side effects. There are hundreds of chemicals mixed daily with your food and many of them can cause more harm than good. In fact, the most popular food additives are the most well known to present side effects if consumed in excess.

I remember years ago using ‘light’ and ‘diet’ products to lose weight. Almost eighty percent of my whole shopping list had artificial chemicals in it. My no carbohydrate, protein shake, no sugar chewing gum, diet jelly, diet soft drink, light meals and no sugar products were all allowed. The only thing limited in my diet at that time was sugar and fat, everything else was free. I really didn’t care much about artificial sweeteners, fake colours and aromas or their side effects. All I wanted was to get lean and the fact that artificial sweeteners were zero calories was very attractive to me and that is why I decided to use them. Today, after researching and having seen enough evidence in my profession I have come to realize that there are serious side effects from long term use
of artificial substances.

To me eating these foods is definitely not worth the risk. The most toxic food chemicals, when consumed in excess, are linked to diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and many others.

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